01. Karma Butterfly - Girls' Generation
02. The 80's (80年代) - Ziyoou Vachi

Siwon is living the dream.

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Donghae’s skip beat look // Requested by godonghaes


Personally speaking for me, it’s the working conditions above everything. It just kills me how in America if say a pop singer got sick/hospitalized, then they could take time off and cancel their tour dates, appearances, ect, but in Korea you could be on crutches and have pneumonia and you still have to perform.

I feel like if you took a giant towel and wiped off everyone’s makeup, they’d all look so tired, weary and exhausted and it breaks my heart… because all I can do is sit here and just


Kyu Line ‘Just the way you are’

SMTown Bangkok 121125

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My (art) history crush is Gianlorenzo Bernini. He was a Baroque sculptor, architect, painter, playwright, poet and darling of the Vatican court. He also had a fiery side, having an affair with a married woman, Costanza Bonarelli, which all came to a bloody end following suspicions of his brother’s salacious involvement with her. This included sword wielding in sacred buildings and clandestine slashing of faces. Aside from that, he helped shape the face of Rome and developed much of what we now recognise as the Baroque style.


people have become so fucking annoying ever since psy went global

they find out i like k-pop and they’re automatically like

“omg me too man i love that gangnam style guy lol asians are so weird!”

like no fuck off don’t talk to me

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L’Arc~en~Ciel - All Dead

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aren’t we adorable? ~♥

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